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The Senior Men's Club of New Canaan, Connecticut, welcomes men 55 and older who reside, or own property in, New Canaan, CT. Founded in 1977, the SMC is affiliated with the New Canaan YMCA, but individual Y membership is not necessary. SMC membership applications are available here, at the YMCA on South Avenue or at our Friday 10 a.m. meetings at Morrill Hall at St. Mark's Church on Oenoke Ridge. Each weekly meeting features local, state and nationally known speakers. Visit the links below for the many additional activities of our SMC members.          Click on: SMCNC.INFO to watch our video and learn more about the Senior Men's Club of New Canaan.

SMC Officers, Directors and Chairmen: 2014 - 2015

PresidentBrian Hollstein
Vice PresidentDavid Conrod
Vice PresidentKevin McMahon
SecretaryJohn Magill
Asst. SecretaryDon Hudson
Asst. SecretaryBob Tolles
TreasurerDavid Hunt
Assistant TreasurerRalph Hills
Director - 2015Dave Liddell
Director - 2015Dick Ward
Director - 2016Michael Allocca
Director - 2016William Sessions
Director - 2017Chani Sra
Director - 2017Jim Cole
Audit ChairmanGeorge Maranis
Bike Co-ChairmanRoger Colson
Bike Co-ChairmanLes de Villiers
Bridge ChairmanEric Musa
Chefs ChairmanNick Zaccagnino
Country Walkers ChairmanJack Murray
Couth Co-ChairmanDave Conrod
Couth Co-ChairmanStan Stanziale
Distinguished Senior Man ChairmanRalph Hills
Directory Co-ChairmanHarvey Place
Directory Co-ChairmanJerry Transue
4Fs ChairmanDon Tiefenthaler
Golf ChairmanHarvey Place
Handymen ChairmanJim D'Acosta
HistorianEd Congleton
Humorist ChairmanMike Law
Investment Discussion ChairmanHarry Hitch
Luncheon ChairmanPaul Stein
Membership ChairmanJerry Transue
Membership Assistance ChairmanGeorge Perkins
New Member Orientation ChairmanJoel Pelzner
Newsletter ChairmanStu Stringfellow
Nominating ChairmanJoel Pelzner
Paddle Co-ChairmenNick Guthrie
Paddle Co-ChairmenHossein Samai
Photography ChairmanJack Messert
Technical Support ChairmanPete Stair
Public Relations ChairmanRoger Langevin
Refreshments Co-ChairmanEJ Morgan
Skyblazers ChairmanJack Murray
Sidewalks of NY ChairmanPete Stair
Tennis ChairmanTed Foster
Touch the Future ChairmanDon Rowland
Webmaster ChairmanPete Stair

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